Fire & Ice Editorial

Fire & Ice Editorial

Posted by Melissa Bransom on Sep 4th 2021

A few months ago I got a message on Instagram telling me that her sister had shown her my work and asking if I would be willing to collaborate on a photoshoot. With a picture asking “do you have something like this collar?” And sent me this image from my feed.

This collar had its origin in my Senior collection “Unseelie”. This image was an in-progress shot as I was creating the original look. The planning went crazy from there.

She sent me a few reference images.

And we talked about what she was wanting to portray, and about some different ideas she had to play with lighting and makeup.

She wanted 4 looks. I dug through the pieces that I had already made and sent over a few images for her to choose from. Most of them also from my Senior year at the Art Institute of Dallas. The Red Cassandra Corset, my Phantasm silk art deco seamed corset and the Ice corset which was ice dyed with lavender and silver completed with a matching neck corset and hip hoops. 

I went back through my fabric and found the fabric piece that the collar had been made from originally. This piece was dyed by the amazing Monica Feemster of Chisolm Trail Fiber Arts. She’s the queen who taught me how to Ice Dye in the first place. I just LOVED this piece, the movement and colors make this piece feel ALIVE.

I adjusted an existing corset pattern that I love to use based on the measurements of “this great model” that she found through an agency.

Here’s an almost complete in-progress image. I had already installed the rose gold plated busk from Narrowed Visions.

I sent this image to the photographer and she went nuts. We were both pretty excited at this point.

I also realized that I did NOT like the way the collar was sitting. As you can see here, its attached to a 1.5’ twill tape in grey. But it seemed to just be having trouble.

OF COURSE I decided I HAD to change the collar (two days before the shoot, of course).

Then, I removed the collar from the twill tape. I draped a harness out of black corset coutil (the same stuff that lined the corset for strength) and stitched that baby up, re-installing the collar to stand correctly and remolding the wiring of the collar to keep it standing on its own. The harness now has a grommeted back to be tied and can be adjusted to sit properly on the boy over the shoulders.

If you look back and forth between the above image and this one, you can see the difference in the collar and how it sits. I feel like this is a MUCH better version. More comfortable to wear and sturdier for the long term. It was also sturdy enough that the model was able to play with it during the shoot…the original was not capable of such things.

The day of the shoot. I got there early…that’s what I do. Ha.

I got set up in the corner. The make up artist Layton Edwards arrived. He’s fantastic, by the way. Amazing to work with and so so good.

And then there’s Emily Mc Daniels…..and she’s so fun, and funny, and gorgeous….

Here are some behind the scenes images of the shoot day.


We had 4 clothing changes. The red corset a peasant skirt, some khaki trousers and a pleated leather skirt were the first look. 

Meet the photographer’s husband…  

The second change was into black pleather pants, a cream open chest sweater, my black corset and some gorgeous burgundy gloves.


And there’s the model, the photographer, our makeup artist…and the photographer’s dog….who was a character on her own.

I really loved the lines that those trousers gave the corset. And some of the movement that Emily was able to do prove that moving in a corset is easier than people think.

The third look was the Ice corset set with a little makeup and hair adjustment. And new lighting.


The last look…is the Fire look. 

I call this set Saiph after the star from the Orion constellation.

And then we wrapped.

It was a long day.

But it was fun …

…and SOOOO worth it.

And then we waited some more.

 And then we got the most amazing images.



About 2 months later, Agnieszkam sent me a note saying that she’s had this photoshoot picked up by a fashion magazine.


It came out just this week. 

Vigour Magazine August 2021 Edition. Listed as Fire & Ice


We also got the back cover!


Photographer: Agnieszkam Photography @agnieszkam_photography

Makeup: Layton Edwards @looksbylayton

Model: Emily Mc Daniels @iammillidawn

Agency: Icon Studios Talent Agency

Hair: @simarialovesbeauty

Corsetry: Melissa Bransom, Mystras Corsetry & Clothier @mystrascorsetry

Clothing: @topshop