First Blog Post - Underwater Photography Adventure

First Blog Post - Underwater Photography Adventure

Posted by Melissa Bransom on Feb 15th 2014

Hello there!

This is my first official Blog post.  Aren't we all lucky?  And on a Friday the 13th, no less.

Right now, its been busy.  A WONDERFUL state of being.  Though, this pace isn't sustainable long term. I am so pleased to have the opportunity to work with wonderful people and have the chance to make some fantastic things.  

Most recently, I was able to participate un an underwater photo shoot.  It was quite an experience.  The lovely model Emily McDaniels (@iammillidawn on Instagram) introduced me to the world of underwater photo shoots and I am SO grateful for the experience and the chance to work on such an out of the box idea.

Emily brought me the idea of a water shoot and I jumped at the chance.  We created a corset and neck corset together for just this experience.  I had this lovely piece of ice dyed fabric, and a concept in my head of Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

I was pretty pleased as this piece came together with how the ice dyed fabric created light refractions and made itself look like it was underwater while dry.

One of the things to consider when making a piece for underwater is how the colors will change once wet.  The advantage of having dyed this piece myself is that I had an idea of how these would work while wet.  

Moving along with the construction, here are the final pieces fresh off the machine.

And a close up of the neck corset.

From here, I met up with Emily and we finished these pieces off with underwater skirts.  In this case VERY long swaths of fabric to play with the water flows.

We played with layering black over red and blue tulle.  It looks pretty weird while dry, basically long pieces of fabric draped over a belt or rope at the waist and pulled to different lengths to make different shapes while floating around in the water.  We packed up and headed to the shoot.

When we arrived, I found that there were 3 photographers:

Marc with Waterford Studios (Instagram @shootwithmarc, @waterfordstudios)

Cai Chen (Instagram @caichenphotos)

Stephanie Goddard (Instagram @jeanphotog)

Once we had Emily dressed and ready to go, it was time to go swimming.  

Stephanie started her off with a few images to get used to being under the water with all the compression.  

Here's one image from that group.

I love the editing on this image.  Its very much the "La Belle Sans Merci" (The Beautiful Lady without Mercy) who would entice men with her beauty and drown them.  She looks just like a very dark fairytale.  

Between Photographers, we hung out and had a few drinks...(long day).

A few behind the scenes shots from the underwater room set up.

The process was fascinating.  All the construction that went into creating the underwater room.  

One of the things I love the most is how the water changes the color value of the ice dyed corset and neck corset.

For comparison:  The Left is wet, Right is dry.

What came from all this? 

Some amazing images.