Voyage Dallas & Watercolor Cinchers

Voyage Dallas & Watercolor Cinchers

Posted by Melissa Bransom on Oct 3rd 2021

Happy October!  

It's my favorite time of year and I'm so pleased that we made it here.  

This week, in new things that happened...

I had an interview published in Voyage Dallas this week.  You can find it here:

Its a little "who are you" and a lot of "why do you do this".  Do you have questions for me that aren't covered?  I'm happy to answer any of them.

I loaded a new watercolor corset to the site.  This 2 cincher series is called Golden. I was able to make 2 cinchers out of this beautiful and buttery fabric.  This is the 34" waist cincher.  

They're so cute. And they feel like they would make fantastic Cowardly Lion or magical Gryphon costumes for Halloween.

I hope you have a beautiful October.  And that your Halloween is fantastic and magical.

Blessed be!