Sample Dragon Fae

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This is the ORIGINAL Dragon Fae Costume which includes:

  • Cotton with Steel Hoops
  • Cotton Satteen Gathered Skirts with Nylon Net Overlay
  • Cotton Coutil Overbust Corset
  • Dragon Scale Bolero: mixed scales of hand ice-dyed cotton sateen and dyed leather or leatherette. Each scale is hand cut and attached to the bolero.


Each Dragon is unique as every time fabric is dyed, the pattern is different.  Color can be discussed and agreed upon, however once the fabric is dyed, we use the resulting fabric to create your pieces.  Ice-dyeing is not an exact science, and lee-way must be given for adjustments to ideas. Bolero is lined in cotton for durability.

This piece was worn for 1 runway walk, 1 indoor photoshoot and 1 outdoor photoshoot.

No repairs.  It has been cleaned.